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Wheel of Fortune casino game rules

Last changed on 15.05.2017

The Objective of the Wheel of Fortune casino game

Guess the correct symbol on which the Wheel of Fortune will stop.

BetVoyager features our unique version of Wheel of Fortune casino game and a version with no house edge.

Basic Rules of BetVoyager’s Wheel of Fortune casino game

On BetVoyager’s Wheel of Fortune casino game, there are 49 sectors with the seven following symbols:

Wheel of Fortune casino game

The player can make a bet on any of these symbols by choosing the corresponding field on the game table. Multiple bets on different symbols are allowed. The different types of bets are described in the table below:

Bet name Payout Number of Symbols on the Wheel House Edge
1 1:1 24 2.04%
3 3:1 12 2.04%
7 7:1 6 2.04%
15 15:1 3 2.04%
23 23:1 2 2.04%
Joker 47:1 1 2.04%
Logo 47:1 1 2.04%

After making the bets, the wheel is launched by pressing the "Spin" button. The wheel starts rotating and when it stops the winning symbol is determined by the marker placed at the top of the wheel.

As always at our casino, our payouts are much higher than the industry standard. At any given table, the house edge of our casino is less than in classical roulette. It is far less than in other variations of the Wheel of Fortune casino game. For example, on American wheel, the house edge ranges between 11% and 24%, while on Australian wheel it is about 8%. To learn more about odds, please visit our Guide section.

Wheel of Fortune casino game RTP = 97.96%

Our No House Edge version features the following two rules:

  1. If the Wheel of Fortune stops on a Logo when the player has bet on any symbol except the Logo, the game ends in a draw and the player’s bet is returned to him.
  2. If the Wheel of Fortune stops on a Joker sector when the player has bet on the Logo, the game ends in a draw and the player’s Logo bet is returned to him (only if the player has not placed a bet on the Joker as well). There is no house edge on all bets in this game.

Wheel of Fortune No House Edge version RTP = 100%

Additional Information about Wheel of Fortune casino game

To make a bet at BetVoyager’s Wheel of Fortune casino game, it is first necessary to choose a chip with the desired face-value. At the beginning of the game, this chip is chosen by default, and the chip with the minimum face-value fixes itself onto the cursor. If the player wants a chip with a different face-value, he can select it by clicking on that chip with the cursor. The player can also use the scroll wheel on his mouse to change the chip’s value. After the chip is selected, the player can place a bet by clicking the mouse on the desired part of the game table and his bet will appear there. Each subsequent click adds another chip of the selected face-value to the bet. If the player wants to remove the last chip from his bet, he can remove the chip fixed onto the cursor by clicking the cursor on any empty part of the game window and then clicking on this bet.

To clear all the bets from the table at BetVoyager’s Wheel of Fortune casino game, the player can click on the "Clear" button.

If the player wants to repeat the bets made before the previous spin, he can press the "Rebet" button.

The speed of the game (the duration of the spin) can be regulated with the help of user's settings.

If the player wants to spin several times in a row and use the same bet each spin, he should click the "AUTO" button to start autoplay.

If the player moves mouse cursor over this button, he will see a counter appear above it that displays the number of spins that will be made during autoplay. At the beginning of a game session, this number is equal to the maximum possible value – 1000, but it can be changed with the switches on the counter. Autoplay starts as soon as the "AUTO" button is clicked, at the same time the maximum game speed is being set. The manual spin mode is restored by pressing the "AUTO" button once more.

Comments on randomness control. If a series of spins is made using randomness control, one of the counter values appears as "RC". When autoplay is started and RC is selected, all remaining spins in the randomness control series will be played.

Malfunction (system failure, casino software vulnerabilities, game errors) voids all pays and play. No responsibility is assumed for any failures of players' software, devices and ISP.