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Online Pachinko

The game called Online Pachinko is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Japan. Approximately 50 million Japanese dabble in Pachinko, and 15 million play regularly. The game is also popular in Australia and New Zealand. The game can also be found in many gaming establishments in the U.S., and recently appeared in Great Britain.

The name of the game comes from the Japanese "pachi-pachi", which means to snap one's fingers. The true origins of pachinko are unknown. It is presumed that the first gaming house with pachinko machines was opened in Osaka in the beginning of the 1920's. Americans believe that pachinko is a variation on pinball, which was invented in the U.S.

The online pachinko game uses steel balls with a diameter of 11 millimeters. The price for one of these balls in Japan is 4 yen, but not one self-respecting player would buy balls for less than one thousand yen. The object of the game is to direct the balls, using special equipment that affects the balls' speed, into winning pockets on the playing field. A bunch of different obstacles, located on the playing field, change the trajectory of the ball. These obstacles make the pachinko game unpredictable (although there are players that insist it is possible to guarantee a win in pachinko, given the proper skills). The majority of balls passing by the obstacles will fall down off the playing field, and don't result in any win. But a few fall into pockets that give the player a win. The winning balls are the ones that the pachinko machine pours out into a special reservoir. The player can exchange these balls at the cashier for prizes - gambling for money is banned in Japan. Later these prizes can be exchanged for money in nearby small shops that formally aren't affiliate with the gaming establishments. This type of model for Japanese pachinko is a clear manipulation the country's law, but this system works all through Japan. In other countries, where gambling in not prohibited, the winnings are immediately paid out in money.

Quite a few different kinds of pachinko exist. There are pachinko machines that not only affect the speed of the ball's movement, but also regulate some of the obstacles on the playing field. There is one type of the game, called "Pachislo", which are pachinko slot machines that use a coin slot. Modern pachinko machines have a small LCD screen on the playing field that shows what you have won. And sometimes the screen also fulfills the role of a small slot machine, which is called pachinko slot and offers the player an additional chance to win. Pachinko machines were computerized way back in the 1980's. Music and graphics were added, making the game truly captivating.

In recent times, pachinko games have appeared in Internet casinos. Several software designers for gaming sites have been interested in online pachinko. You can also find online pachinko in our casino. Our illustrious game, called Pearl Pachinko, has garnered much interest from players from the time it first appeared. The winning pockets are in the shape of seashells and bottles, and the biggest win is the pachinko slot. The pachinko slot is located in the center of the playing field and looks like a trunk filled with hidden treasure.