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Event Lottery Terms

Event Lottery description

Free event lottery is one of the casino Promotions aimed at raising players' odds at winning. The lottery takes place at pre-determined times and consists of several drawings. Each drawing takes place daily from 0:00 to 23:59 GMT throughout the lottery duration. Participants receive points during the lottery, which at the end are converted into Bonus money according to an established coefficient. Bonus funds are transferred to the player’s account. Points are accumulated on the basis of correctly guessed lottery numbers and bet sizes in the games that are part of the Event Lottery. Games that are part of the Event Lottery and other attributes of the lottery can always be found on the Event Lottery page.

Event Lottery participation terms

Any player registered in the portal can take part in the Event Lottery. Players are only able to participate in the lottery after authorization.

Participation in the Event Lottery is free, but the winnings depend on the bet size for games in real money tables that are part of the lottery. However, if a player guesses all 5 numbers correctly, the player will receive €100 Bonus regardless of how many bets he has made in the casino.

To participate in the lottery it is sufficient to choose 5 of 25 numbers on the lottery ticket on the Event Lottery page, and then press the “Complete” button. By pressing “Complete”, the player also confirms his acceptance of all terms for participating in the lottery.

A player can only fill out one lottery ticket a day. Lottery numbers that were accepted cannot be changed later.

Event Lottery points

Points are accumulated on the basis of correctly guessed lottery numbers. The coefficient, corresponding to the amount of correctly guessed lottery numbers, is multiplied by the bet sizes made by the player for the current day on games that are part in the lottery. All coefficients and games that are part of the Event Lottery can be found in the tables on the Event Lottery page.

After the lottery, points that were received during the free lottery will be converted into Bonus money in accordance with the coefficient established for the lottery, and will be transferred to the player’s account not later than one day after the lottery has ended.

Event Lottery results

The results of the Event Lottery drawing will appear on the site within an hour after the drawing is finished.

Bonus money transfer according to lottery results occurs on the day following the lottery.

The results for all Event Lottery drawings can be found on the Event Lottery page.

Lottery fairness guarantee

Winning lottery numbers for each drawing are picked randomly not later than 01:00 GMT. Text information is created that contains the numbers, and a checksum for this information is put up on the site. The checksum is determined by the SHA-256 algorithm.

The day after the lottery drawing, a player will be able to see the entire text information. If the player wishes, he can enter the checksum and compare it to the one that he saw earlier. The fact that these two sums correspond proves that winning lottery numbers from the drawing correspond to the ones that were created at the start.

Here is an example of text information that you can see on the site:

numbers: 1, 8, 14, 17, 24;
server code word: gQ7A8ybA1ivSC13EukOl5i1e1wWX3iba

After the words “server code word”, there is a random key phrase that is formed by the server for casino safety.

The checksum is computed with the help of the program used in our casino. Players can use other independent sources to compute the checksum for text information according to the SHA-256 algorithm. Additional information about the SHA-256 algorithm and about independent sources can be found here.

Other provisions

  • The administration reserves the right to discontinue the lottery at any time
  • The bet size in equal odds games is never counted in the lottery
  • The maximum number of points that can be received for a drawing is 10,000,000.
  • Bonus is rounded down to the nearest €1 after the points conversion
  • The maximum winnings in the lottery cannot exceed €10,000 Bonus